Blog: Our Client's Popup Stall, Expo Exhibition & more!

Venue: All around Singapore!
Occasion: Our Client's Showcase

Our Client: Shanghai Theme D&D Reception Decor Photo Credit: Societe Generale

We are always very excited to see what our creative clients come up with, from renting our props! Super grateful that our amazing clients have shared these photos with us. We hope that these will further inspire you to create your own memorable events with our props and decor!

As you can see from these examples, the same props can be displayed in totally different ways to create a different look and feel. We have carefully curated each and every items in our inventory to ensure they are of good quality, high aesthetic value + also versatile and easy to put together for various themes. You can find all the items that our clients have rented here at the bottom of this page.

Our Client: The Gentleroom at Triple One Somersat

Alternatively, if you need our help with styling, setup and teardown, just drop us a message here!

Toufie Popup Booth
Our Client Corniche Food Popup Booth at Mall
 Singapore Props Rental Decoration