At Dreamscaper, we bring sustainability to the forefront of events industry - from weddings, celebrations to conferences.

We help our clients make greener choices by providing them with time-saving, cost-effective and creative rental solutions. Connecting people and organizations to our ever-growing dreamscape of high-quality decor & unique props.

We believe it is our shared responsibility to take care of our planet. Every time an item is rented / reused / repurposed / recycled - we reduce the environmental cost per use and divert it from landfills. Every item that we have procured is a pixel in the bigger picture of making the world a better place.

Our growth and business strategies are aligned with our aspiration to make a larger positive impact in the world and lead the event industry towards a more sustainable future.


We adopt the 5’R’ approach:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Rent!

We are committed to reduce
our carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality!

Dreamscaper Singapore

To date, Dreamscaper.sg total rent count of all items is

36,850 times = approx 20 tonnes

of potential waste diverted from landfills! (updated Feb 2023)

Grand Prize Winner of Windland Smith Rice International Awards 2012.

Exhibited at Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Washington, USA

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Hi! I’m C.S.Ling, the founder of Dreamscaper.sg and an International Award-winning Wildlife Photographer. Over the past decade, I have seen first-hand through my lens, how mankind’s activities can negatively impact our climate & natural environment.

This leads me to create Dreamscaper - a purpose-driven business that not only creates beautiful memories for our clients but also helps preserve the one and only planet we have, Earth. Dreamscaper is leading the way to a more sustainable future and changing the way event industry works, for the better - forever.

Singapore Women's Weekly -
Winner of Great Women of our
Time (Arts & Media) 2011

7th President of Singapore
Dr. Tony Tan gifted her work to
Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, in 2014.