Blog: Blue Gold Theme Baby's 100th day Party!

Venue: Control Space, Katong
Occasion: Baby 1st Birthday Party Singapore

Kids Birthday Party Package Singapore

Picture (above): Friends and guests at Luke's 100th Day Party

We were thrilled when Riella & her husband contacted us again to decorate their baby boy's 100th day party celebration! This time, they've decided to go for a whimsical gold blue rustic garden theme! They visited our studio on a Sunday afternoon and discussed their vision with us.

Within less than an hour, we put together a complete "mockup" setup with a curated selection of wooden cake stands and cupcake stands with gold and yellow accent to brighten everything up! It's fun when we do these prop-viewing session with our clients and watch them pick out items excitedly like a kid in a candy shop! :D We let our clients have free reign with choices but at the same time guide them with our expertise and experience in decorating.

On the setup day, we delivered and setup everything perfectly right on time and budget! A perfect and memorable celebration for Luke and his family!

Gold Blue Theme Birthday Party Decor Singapore
1st Birthday Party Package SingaporePhoto Credit: Riella & friends