Rental Information

All rental item price stated is for standard 4 days rental period, unless other arrangements have been made.  
All rental items will be picked up by you (the CLIENT) from this address: A’Posh Bizhub Unit no #04-03, Singapore 768160 on the 1st day of the CLIENT chosen rental period. Rental items shall be returned by you on the 4th day of the CLIENT chosen rental period unless other arrangements have been made.  

*Note on security deposit:

During pick-up day, please note to bring a cash security deposit that is 2x to the rented item’s amount.

Example: You rent a wooden box for $10 and paid for it online through our shopping cart. When you come by our office on pick-up day to collect the wooden crate, you will have to bring a cash security deposit of $20. You can check the wooden box to ensure it's in good condition before handing us the security deposit in cash. 

This deposit will only be deducted if pieces are returned damaged, broken, ruined, stained, discoloured or some of the parts are missing. Only when items are returned as they were received would the full security deposit be returned to the CLIENT on the drop-off.


Please refrain from sticking items onto our wooden products, as these will damages them. If you would like to stick things onto other non-wooden rental items, please use non-permanent adhesive type of sticky tape.


New batteries will be provided for the rental of tea light candles. If the tea light candles run out of batteries during the rental period, DREAMSCAPER is not obligated to replace the batteries.


In the event where the CLIENT had to change the date of their event, every effort will be made by DREAMSCAPER Singapore to transfer all product rentals and services to the new date. CLIENT is required to notify DREAMSCAPER of cancellation in writing. The CLIENT agrees that in the event of a date change, any expenses included but not limited to fees that are non-refundable are the sole responsibility of the CLIENT. There may also be additional charges above and beyond those set forth in the paragraph above. The CLIENT further understands that last minute changes can impact the availability of specific products along with the quality of the event and that DREAMSCAPER is not responsible for such changes.


CLIENT is required to notify DREAMSCAPER of cancellation in writing. In the event of a cancellation, CLIENT will incur a percentage cancellation fees of of the rental invoice total cost as detailed below:

·       Cancellation made more than 7 days prior to the pick up date: 50% refund of total invoice cost

·       Cancellation made within 7 days: 100% charge of the total invoice cost

·       No notice of cancellation given or no show on the pick up date: 100% charge of the total invoice cost.


CLIENT hereby agrees that they assume all responsibility and liability caused by any injury or damages caused to any person and property sustained from any item leased to them from DREAMSCAPER. CLIENT further agrees to indemnify DREAMSCAPER in any legal action arising out of any injury or damage allegedly caused by any item leased by DREAMSCAPER, including but not limited to the cost of any attorney's fees and court costs associated with any litigation in defence of any said litigation.

CLIENT shall not make any alterations, additions, modifications, or improvements to the equipment and shall use it only for the purpose and in the manner for which it was intended by DREAMSCAPER. CLIENT may not permit the equipment to be used by another party or at a different location without the express written consent of DREAMSCAPER. CLIENT shall pay DREAMSCAPER in full compensation for replacement for replacement and/or repair of any equipment which is not returned because it is lost or stolen or any equipment which is damaged and in need of repair to put it into the same condition it was in at the time of rental, normal wear and tear excepted. The invoice for replacement or repair is conclusive as to the amount the customer shall pay.

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