Blog: CNY Decorations at STMicroelectronics 2020

Venue: STMicroelectronics
Occasion: Chinese New Year 2020

Chinese New Year Decor CNY Singapore

Early Feb 2020, our 1st major CNY decoration project was a fun but very challenging one.
We were notified upon the completion of the decoration setup that the management had decided to call off the buffet due to the threat of an unknown coronavirus, which we now know as Covid-19. It was the right decision to call it off so as to protect everyone working there.

We were grateful that despite that, we were promptly compensated for our effort and everyone still got to admire the CNY decor at the canteen despite no buffet served.
Many thanks to everyone involved in this event. We hope to do a proper one soon in the years to come! :)

Chinese New Year Decor CNY Singapore
Chinese New Year CNY Decoration Ideas Singapore


Chinese New Year Decor CNY singapore
Chinese New Year Decor CNY Decorations
Chinese New Year Decor CNY singapore

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